Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23

Hi everyone J 
Today was a fun day. My group woke up early and helped prepare breakfast. After that we went to the Senior Center. One kid from our group from Oregon, Jacob, played guitar and sang. He had an amazing voice and made a few of the seniors cry, including a retired opera singer. We then made welcome cards for new residents. After that we drove across the bridge from Oakland to San Francisco to the Salvation Army.  There we sorted soaps and shampoos and clothes. Some of us transferred shampoo into bigger bottles. We then finally got to shower and have dinner prepared by the other part of our group. They were very creative by creating a song to introduce it. After we saw an amazing sunset at inspiration point. We all took a lot of pictures. I was told by Sara Tracy to tell you all to check out the pictures uploaded. We then had touching devotions about letting go like Jesus. We are all being safe and having a great time! - Elizabeth Wilken
Jim's group at San Francisco Food Bankd

Group at the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday night

Group at Inspiration Point on Wednesday

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