Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, July 24

Hi Mommy and Daddy. I miss you guys. I can't wait to see you guys and especially Samson. We had so much fun today at the SF-Marin Food Bank. Today we dealt with about 20 pallets of frozen Alaskan Fish patties. We had to undo every box and label every bag. This definitely beats yesterday when we re-boxed 15000 pounds of onions. So far our group consisting of Camryn, Sara, Reagan, Eli, Nathan, Jim and I have been extremely lucky. We have gotten off at about 1:30 every day compared to the other groups getting off at 4. Our only worry is that our luck will run out tomorrow at the airport. My highlight of this trip was just getting to bond and strengthen my friendships and relationships with the people here. -Dayton A. Dangel

PS - Alrighty parents - its time for your kids to get home.  We are scheduled to arrive San Diego tomorrow evening at 9:50 PM.  We will meet you all in baggage claim.  See you all in less then 24 hours. - Jim

Roxanne's group at the Senior Center

Closing worship on Thursday evening

Camryn writing on the devo cloth.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday, July 23

Hi everyone J 
Today was a fun day. My group woke up early and helped prepare breakfast. After that we went to the Senior Center. One kid from our group from Oregon, Jacob, played guitar and sang. He had an amazing voice and made a few of the seniors cry, including a retired opera singer. We then made welcome cards for new residents. After that we drove across the bridge from Oakland to San Francisco to the Salvation Army.  There we sorted soaps and shampoos and clothes. Some of us transferred shampoo into bigger bottles. We then finally got to shower and have dinner prepared by the other part of our group. They were very creative by creating a song to introduce it. After we saw an amazing sunset at inspiration point. We all took a lot of pictures. I was told by Sara Tracy to tell you all to check out the pictures uploaded. We then had touching devotions about letting go like Jesus. We are all being safe and having a great time! - Elizabeth Wilken
Jim's group at San Francisco Food Bankd

Group at the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday night

Group at Inspiration Point on Wednesday

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday, July 22

Hello Family and Friends,
My time in San Francisco has been wonderful and I thank all those who helped me come onto this trip. When we arrived, we headed down to pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf for some touring and to sample the delicacies that San Francisco had to offer. Some of us went to a bread restaurant for some delicious bread bowls and sandwiches while others went on to try out the sea food the tourist trap had to offer. After that we headed to the Youthworks housing area and found ourselves in a cozy gymnasium of which the majority of us sleep in.
            I think the group that is here can agree that the service events that we attended have not only impacted us, but also the people that we have helped also. While some of us went off to package food and deliver it to the homeless, some of us were more fortunate to be assigned to a less strenuous activity. I, for one, was sent to help out at the Tenderloins Boys and Girls Club along with Camryn, Sara, Reagan, Eli, and Dayton. We spent the majority of the days playing with kids and both entertaining them and them entertaining us. While I tried to avoid personal connections with most of the kids, they still found a way to get to me and bring me to the brink of tears on our day of departure. Fortunately, leaving the Boys and Girls Club opened up a new opportunity to help others at the San Francisco Food Bank.
            I appreciate the moments that have made this trip so far. From meeting new people from various churches to helping kids understand their reading more, the experiences that I have received have been a blessing to me. I am very thankful for what God has gifted upon me and I am glad that I chose to come on this trip. - Nathan Ruano

The girls working at an Elderly Center

Carissa and Elizabeth cleaning up.

Roxanne group along with some new friends.

Elizabeth at the Elderly Center

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday, July 21

Friends and family,
After not getting a lot of sleep last night I woke up at 5:50 to get ready for the day. We had a good breakfast including my favorite cereal, shredded wheat. My group consists of Roxanne, Elizabeth, Carissa and Robyn and it is pretty awesome just saying and shout out to Roxy for dealing with us and joining in on the fun as we are dancing and singing in the car. We left the church we are staying at at 7:45 and headed across the bridge to the San Francisco food bank. I am the navigator for my group and I am loving it J. At the food bank we sorted cans and packaged them to be sent off. We also separated pears. Then we went and to showers in speed time in freezing cold water. We rushed out right after so that my group could help prep for dinner, it was so much fun. I even lead prayer before we all at which for everyone who knows me is surprising since I am not big on talking infront of group. Tacos were for dinner and I put nacho cheese on top of mine which was extremely good. After that we went to the beach and I went into the water and was frozen afterword. We came back and had club and devotion which was super fun, we even sang some songs I know by heart from singing them at the San Marcos Campus. I am really loving being here and hanging out with my  youth group and new people.  I have made some new friends that I plan on keeping in touch with after we all leave here. I love and miss my friends and family but can’t wait to show them pictures and tell stories from my trip.

  -Kirsten Bigalk

PS - Sorry no pics tonight.  Kirsten's group didn't take any pics from their time at the San Fran Food Band and Jim's group at the Boys and Girls Club can't take pictures.  We did take a couple at the beach but they were on cell phones.  Check some Facebook posts.  The group is tired but all healthy.  Thanks for all the prayers.  They are being felt - Jim

Sunday, July 20

Hello family!
We just got to the Youth Works site last night. We have met many new people from different states. Before we got to the youth center, we walked around San Francisco and did a little sightseeing. Earlier that day, we went to the big cross on Mt. Davidson and spent some time reading Gods word there. We went to Pier 39, walked around a few shops, and saw many street performers. We also ate at very good food places; many of us liked the clam chowder bread bowl. Towards the end of walking around we drove through Chinatown, which was very busy. At the end of the day we ate dinner here, enjoyed devotions, and headed off to bed. See you all soon!
-Reagan, Sara, Camryn, and Nathan

(Triple Pink Threats plus Nathan)

PS - From Jim - All is going well.  Most of the kids slept decent last night.  I am sure they will sleep better tonight after a hard day of work.  Half of the group left this morning for the SF Food Bank and my group is headed to the Boys and Girls Club.  We will blog tonight.
Lunch at Fisherman's Wharf

Group at the foot of the cross at Mt. Davidson

Mt. Davidson cross

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hello parents and friends,

We have made it to San Fran and all went smooth with getting our rental vehicles and getting to the hotel.  We had a great BBQ dinner tonight, (Sara got a swan balloon hat) some time for swimming and then devotions in our hotel room.  We have started our devotional cloth with our names, birthdays and birth locations.  We are looking forward to doing a little tourist thing tomorrow and then we check into our servant site tomorrow evening.  Blessings to all and we are looking forward to serving the San Fran community this week. - Jim

PS  The kids will be writing tomorrow night so get ready for that.

Dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ
Plane pic #1

Plane pic #2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

San Fran Youth, Parents and other friends and family,

This is the blog that the kids will be writing to while we are gone to San Fran, July 19-25.  We will be posting pictures as well as other fun stuff about our service work in San Fran and the surrounding areas.  We will update the blog every evening so be sure to check back in the mornings for what we did. - Jim