Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday, July 20

Hello family!
We just got to the Youth Works site last night. We have met many new people from different states. Before we got to the youth center, we walked around San Francisco and did a little sightseeing. Earlier that day, we went to the big cross on Mt. Davidson and spent some time reading Gods word there. We went to Pier 39, walked around a few shops, and saw many street performers. We also ate at very good food places; many of us liked the clam chowder bread bowl. Towards the end of walking around we drove through Chinatown, which was very busy. At the end of the day we ate dinner here, enjoyed devotions, and headed off to bed. See you all soon!
-Reagan, Sara, Camryn, and Nathan

(Triple Pink Threats plus Nathan)

PS - From Jim - All is going well.  Most of the kids slept decent last night.  I am sure they will sleep better tonight after a hard day of work.  Half of the group left this morning for the SF Food Bank and my group is headed to the Boys and Girls Club.  We will blog tonight.
Lunch at Fisherman's Wharf

Group at the foot of the cross at Mt. Davidson

Mt. Davidson cross

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