Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, July 24

Hi Mommy and Daddy. I miss you guys. I can't wait to see you guys and especially Samson. We had so much fun today at the SF-Marin Food Bank. Today we dealt with about 20 pallets of frozen Alaskan Fish patties. We had to undo every box and label every bag. This definitely beats yesterday when we re-boxed 15000 pounds of onions. So far our group consisting of Camryn, Sara, Reagan, Eli, Nathan, Jim and I have been extremely lucky. We have gotten off at about 1:30 every day compared to the other groups getting off at 4. Our only worry is that our luck will run out tomorrow at the airport. My highlight of this trip was just getting to bond and strengthen my friendships and relationships with the people here. -Dayton A. Dangel

PS - Alrighty parents - its time for your kids to get home.  We are scheduled to arrive San Diego tomorrow evening at 9:50 PM.  We will meet you all in baggage claim.  See you all in less then 24 hours. - Jim

Roxanne's group at the Senior Center

Closing worship on Thursday evening

Camryn writing on the devo cloth.

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